So I just recently took a huge trip to Europe with my family and it was so much fun. There were seven of us and we met up with some of my other family members in Amsterdam for the second half of the trip, which put us at 12 people. As many people know, having that many people on a vacation can be difficult, especially with two five-year-olds. But, overall, the trip was absolutely wonderful. My immediate family including my boyfriend and my aunt were with me the whole trip and it was basically like a Griswold family vacation 2.0.

We jam packed so many things into our first week of being in Europe that it almost feels like a blur. Looking back at pictures now, however, makes me so happy we did it the way we did, no matter how bad our feet hurt or how exhausted we were. It was such an incredible opportunity to be able to go to Europe with my family and make such amazing memories.

Because we were there for almost 15 days, I am going to break up the posts by city and include the places we stayed and ate! Stay tuned for upcoming stories and pictures, including my favorite AirBnB in Copenhagen, Denmark!