Fall is here!

Today I got to wear my favorite Sorel boots. My parents gave them to me last year as one of my Christmas presents and they are awesome. They are supposed to be really good for the snow and rain because they are water proof and they have good traction on the bottom. They are also super comfortable. I like mine because they are short, but I'm in the market for some taller ones now that I'm starting to prepare for some good ole Nebraska snow.

You can check mine out here! (I got mine from Dillard's last year, but I saw Nordstrom Rack was having a major sale on the ones I have and you can't pass up a good deal)

I really love the color because I'm super into that sage/olive green right now. Get yourself a pair today and you seriously won't regret it.



Song of the Day: I Will Wait//Mumford & Sons (LOVE them so much)