That time I was the new girl, again.

Today is my first day of my sophomore year of college. Wow, time flies. I started this blog when I was a sophomore in high school so that's pretty crazy, you've been with me through it all.

Today is a familiar feeling. I am a new girl once again, only this time it was by choice, not because my parents made me.

Jefferson Elementary School
California Elementary School
Moreau Heights Elementary School
Pray Woodman Elementary School
Amanda Arnold Elementary School
Russell Middle School
Houston High School
Lee's Summit West High School
University of Missouri
University of Nebraska

That's a lot of different schools, ten to be exact, and yes, I have attended all of them. If you're reading this you probably know me from one of these places.

Today I start school at the University of Nebraska. Many people will ask me why I decided to transfer and the answer is really complicated, but long story short I just wanted to start somewhere new. It's kind of ironic, since all my life I pretty much despised being the new girl. But, somewhere along the way it became ingrained in me. I am the new girl, the new girl is me (just kidding), but I almost feel like I have this inner timer that's like "okay Madison it's time to go, you've lived here more than two years so let's find someplace new."

Regardless, today is still pretty hard. I'm in a different state and I miss my friends and the girls in my sorority, but at the same time I'm glad to be somewhere else. It's a strange feeling, it's like I'm torn between two places. One side of me wants to stay in the same place and keep the same friends and stay away from the unknown, but the other side of me wants to venture out, meet new people, step outside of my comfort zone and break the norms. I suppose the second half won, because here I am.

I'm writing to you today in case that's you, maybe you're the new girl for the first time, maybe it's something you're totally familiar with like me, or maybe it's just your freshman year of college or high school or even middle school. Well don't worry because I have been where you are now, I have experienced all of those things, those tingly butterfly feelings in your stomach, all of it. Maybe you have friends or people that are mad at you because they feel like you left them by moving somewhere new. I've been there too. It almost makes the whole situation twice as difficult because then you feel like you can't talk to those girls who were once your absolute best friends. If that's the case it will all be okay, wounds heal and time helps fade the pain.

Today I would like to leave you with a quote, it seems to have always held true in my life, and I hope that's the case for you too.

"There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind." - C.S. Lewis

Cheers to new adventures!



Song of the Day: All I Want//Kodaline

p.s. Happy new school year! Also, here's some awesome pics of my new roomie, Alex, and I eating some watermelon (: