Places I'd rather be

If you follow other bloggers, you might notice that they get to go to some seriously cool places. Well as you all know I would love to travel to just about anywhere and everywhere, so if you know anyone who wants to pay for me to go on a vacation and have me write about it, hmu (just kidding, not really, I really want to travel somewhere cool and I love writing, so best of both worlds).

Anyways, here are a couple of places I'd rather be today...

1. really anywhere in Italy
2. London
3. Edinburgh
4. somewhere else in Italy
5. Amsterdam
6. Berlin
7. Athens
8. New England Coast
9. Sydney
10. San Francisco

Where would you rather be? Where have you been? Give me some more ideas to put on my to-be-traveled lists!

Song of the Day: Vacation // Florist

Until next time,