Spring Saturday.

On Saturday Quinn and I decided to go on a day date/adventure. We started the day out by going to Ginger Sue's for breakfast, and we totally pigged out. After Ginger Sue's we drove into Kansas City and went downtown to the Nelson Atkins Art Museum. We walked around the museum for a really long time and got some awesome pictures. I felt so cultured as I stood next to Claude Monet's, Mill at Limetz. Quinn's favorite part of the museum was the ancient Egyptian section. My favorites are the oil paintings on canvas from the Renaissance era. Needless to say, we were very hip with our camera and pic taking. Also, I totally rocked my cape since my spring afternoon was a little colder than expected. 

I urge you to try your best not to laugh at my "angry faces" where I was attempting to perfect the soft smile. It's harder than it looks. After the Nelson, Quinn and I went to Station Coffee, and then stopped by Half Price Books in Old Westport. If you've never been, you must go. I could spend countless hours in that bookstore. I just peruse the aisles and look through the most random of books. Quinn stayed buried in the Historical section along with all of the books on presidential history. After the bookstore we went home and enjoyed some nice dinner and a movie. Overall, it was a pretty great Saturday. (:

Song of the Day: Don't Know Why // Norah Jones

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