KC River Market.

A few weekends ago, Megan and I decided to go down to the KC River Market on Saturday morning. We were looking for some fresh flowers and browsing all of the awesome farmer's market produce. Megan bought some flowers, but surprisingly I didn't buy anything this time. Usually there are a lot more options, but since it was still late February, a lot of my favorite things aren't in season quite yet. However, it was a gorgeous February(!) afternoon, and Megan and I made sure to document it. 

We took lots of pictures by the white brick wall near the River Market, just around the corner from Quay Coffee. I highly recommend any photographers looking for a random background to take pics against this wall (the pictures always turn out great!). The River Market is kind of a mix between a Farmer's Market and a flea market, but well worth the journey into the city. Hope you enjoy all of our pictures, and if you've never been to the River Market in KC, you should definitely check it out on your next free Saturday morning. There's lots of little shops to discover. I promise you won't be disappointed!

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