She's The Man

Thursdays are probably my favorite day of the week. Mostly because on Thursday evenings I get to relax (which, believe me, is quite rare). My roommate, Bailey, and I like to sit sleep in our beds and bond while watching TV together. Today we decided to watch "She's The Man" which if you haven't seen you are definitely missing out. Think Channing Tatum before he was Channing Tatum and Amanda Bynes before she got...weird. I can practically recite every line to this movie. It's about a high school girl, Amanda Bynes, who decides to pretend to be her twin brother so she can join her school's rival boys soccer team and beat her old school to show them who's boss. Of course, there is tons of other drama involved and it wouldn't be the perfect tween movie if there wasn't a complicated love triangle somewhere in the mix, hello Channing Tatum...I mean Duke Orsino(:

Unfortunately, amidst our whole reliving our childhood with "She's The Man," Bailey and I realized we some how lost the TV remote ): Of course this put a damper on things, but not to worry, there's these little buttons you can actually push on the side of the TV and accomplish the same the as a remote can (can you feel the sarcasm here?). Also, instead of getting to totally relax I had some work to do which included finishing up a Teen Vogue story and writing my Informative speech outline for my public speaking class (one of these is WAY cooler than the other...). Nonetheless, Bailey and I were still able to enjoy reliving our secret dreams of someday going to Illyria and also kicking butt against a boy's soccer team. You're lying if you say you can't relate.

That's it for today.


p.s. Sorry our room is such a mess!

Song of the Day: Love Yourself//Justin Bieber (duh)

Update: Bailey and I have yet to find the remote, but it has to be around here somewhere so we aren't giving up hope... #college

Bailey wasn't really in the "picture mood."

"Here's a picture of me (not) writing my speech."

"Uhh..Hi I'm Sebastian Hastings."

"The weather was SO nice today!"

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