Etsy Favorites

Shoutout to Sunflower Drive and Quinn for my awesome print. Quinn got me this print and had it framed for me as one of my Christmas presents and I absolutely LOVE it!

"The Best Is Yet To Come" print is one of my favorites. I love the black font on the white background with the all-white frame and matte. The whole thing matches my minimalist and feminine type of decorating style.

I wanted to share one of my favorites with you and maybe now you can find one of your own. If you have time you should definitely check out the shop on Etsy. They have tons of super cute prints that are a perfect gift for any occasion.

That's all for now.


p.s. I think I may have an addiction to Goldfish and Tazo Zen green tea...(sorry, not sorry?)

Song of the Day: Creature Fear//Bon Iver
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