Lincoln in pictures

Here, Quinn and I are on top of the Capitol in Lincoln. They have a 14th floor observatory and it was super cool to be able to look out over the city!

These two pictures are inside of the Capitol. Apparently they give free tours so we decided we should check them out, and us being the history nerds that we are, totally loved it. If you don't know about the history of the Lincoln, NE Capitol you should definitely check it out because it is a very interesting story.

Here we are walking around the history Haymarket in downtown Lincoln. Of course I made Quinn take lots of pictures so I could share them all with you on my blog(:

"Quinn take my picture!"
"Yeah, this is a really cool background!"
(Examples of conversations that were happening in between these pictures being taken, ha!)

This is one of Lincoln's best ice cream shops! The shop is called Ivanna's and it's in the Haymarket District in the old Creamery building. You should totally check them out if you're ever in Lincoln. Quinn got a scoop of mint chip and a scoop of dutch chocolate ice cream in a waffle cone, and I got a Fanta ice cream float! They both tasted amazing. (*Just remember if you ever go, they only accept cash!)

That's all for today! Can't wait to share more adventures with you.


p.s. I have a very exciting story coming out on on Thursday so be on the look out for it(:

Song of the Day: Wildfire//John Mayer

She's The Man

Thursdays are probably my favorite day of the week. Mostly because on Thursday evenings I get to relax (which, believe me, is quite rare). My roommate, Bailey, and I like to sit sleep in our beds and bond while watching TV together. Today we decided to watch "She's The Man" which if you haven't seen you are definitely missing out. Think Channing Tatum before he was Channing Tatum and Amanda Bynes before she got...weird. I can practically recite every line to this movie. It's about a high school girl, Amanda Bynes, who decides to pretend to be her twin brother so she can join her school's rival boys soccer team and beat her old school to show them who's boss. Of course, there is tons of other drama involved and it wouldn't be the perfect tween movie if there wasn't a complicated love triangle somewhere in the mix, hello Channing Tatum...I mean Duke Orsino(:

Unfortunately, amidst our whole reliving our childhood with "She's The Man," Bailey and I realized we some how lost the TV remote ): Of course this put a damper on things, but not to worry, there's these little buttons you can actually push on the side of the TV and accomplish the same the as a remote can (can you feel the sarcasm here?). Also, instead of getting to totally relax I had some work to do which included finishing up a Teen Vogue story and writing my Informative speech outline for my public speaking class (one of these is WAY cooler than the other...). Nonetheless, Bailey and I were still able to enjoy reliving our secret dreams of someday going to Illyria and also kicking butt against a boy's soccer team. You're lying if you say you can't relate.

That's it for today.


p.s. Sorry our room is such a mess!

Song of the Day: Love Yourself//Justin Bieber (duh)

Update: Bailey and I have yet to find the remote, but it has to be around here somewhere so we aren't giving up hope... #college

Bailey wasn't really in the "picture mood."

"Here's a picture of me (not) writing my speech."

"Uhh..Hi I'm Sebastian Hastings."

"The weather was SO nice today!"


Etsy Favorites

Shoutout to Sunflower Drive and Quinn for my awesome print. Quinn got me this print and had it framed for me as one of my Christmas presents and I absolutely LOVE it!

"The Best Is Yet To Come" print is one of my favorites. I love the black font on the white background with the all-white frame and matte. The whole thing matches my minimalist and feminine type of decorating style.

I wanted to share one of my favorites with you and maybe now you can find one of your own. If you have time you should definitely check out the shop on Etsy. They have tons of super cute prints that are a perfect gift for any occasion.

That's all for now.


p.s. I think I may have an addiction to Goldfish and Tazo Zen green tea...(sorry, not sorry?)

Song of the Day: Creature Fear//Bon Iver


5 Reasons Why My S'well Bottle Is Probably The Best Thing Ever

1. It's just so gosh darn cute and it's perfect for my daily dose of Tazo Zen green tea.

2. It fits in my coat pocket when I walk to class(!).

3. It will literally keep your drink hot or cold all day (I'm serious).

4. They come in tons of different colors and designs.

5. It's super easy to wash out and I can take it with me wherever I go.

Get yours here!

What are you waiting for, go get yours now!

Hope you enjoy(:


p.s. My mom first got hers when we were in NYC at the Guggenheim! She fell in love with it so for Christmas she pretty much gave one to everyone and we are obsessed with them! (btw you can get my exact bottle here, it's the 17oz bottle!)

Song of the Day: Strawberry Swing//Coldplay


New Aesthetic

Hey guys! As you may have noticed the blog has gone through a lot of cosmetic changes in the last few days! I am so excited that after spending hours upon hours trying to work out all of the little kinks, it looks like we are ready to go.

Woo hoo, I am so excited for this new look and I hope you are too! If you happen to have any advice for me about coding or resizing pictures let me know in the comments below!! I would soo appreciate it(:

Peace out,


p.s. I am off to bed and I will be back tomorrow!

First Friday's

Two weekends ago, I went to First Friday's in Kansas City with my best friend Lexy. We had so much fun and I was super glad we got to hang out since we hadn't seen each other in a while. We started out by driving down to the West Bottoms in downtown KC. We grabbed some coffee and a cookie from the CoffeeCakeKC food truck (which was so yummy) and then we hit up some of our favorite shops. My favorites include Bella Patina, Good Juju, and TopHat Mercantile. We shopped around and looked at some cute vintage finds. Surprisingly I didn't buy anything, but Lexy found a couple of things, including a really cute camel-colored dress! Afterwards we tried to go to Westport to get some coffee or drinks at Tea Drops, but parking was a mess so we just decided to go back to Lee's Summit. We ended up grabbing lunch at Mint Sushi (my fave) and finished the day off from there.

If you've never gotten a chance to go to First Friday's I strongly encourage you to go and check it out, especially if you live in the KC area. If you aren't from Kansas City, you should definitely put it on your list of things to do for your next weekend getaway! You would be surprised by all of the great little places and restaurants you can find in KC.

That's all for today!


p.s. the song of the day is Not Your Way//MisterWives

* this pic, I thought the green door looked cool so I made Lexy take my picture(: 


Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

For my Valentine's Day, Quinn and I are spending the afternoon at a coffee shop reading our bibles and enjoying a little bit of relaxation before we have to head back to school this evening.

Because we both have school tomorrow, we decided to celebrate our Valentine's weekend with a date on Saturday night. We went to Mongolian barbecue for dinner and it was great. We had a bit of a wait, but other than that the evening went smoothly. I gave Quinn his black Skagen watch (originally one of his birthday presents) a little bit early and I also got a really cool Apostles Creed print framed for him to hang up. Quinn got me a John MacArthur bible commentary, which I was super excited about because it makes a huge difference when you are studying the bible. We finished the night off by eating some pie and watching Made of Honor with his family(: Hope you had a great Valentine's day!



p.s. Can't wait to tell you all about First Friday's in KC with Lexy last weekend! Also, if you haven't already, check out my latest story for Teen Vogue, 5 Apps That Make It Easy to Watch NYFW From Anywhere

It's a little bit snowy.


Much like any other "adult" who is actually still a little kid, I got super excited when I saw it was snowing outside of my History class this morning. I was equally excited to take some cool hip pics of the snow. I went straight from History to the coffee shop in the library where I usually spend the hour I have between classes. After finding a spot in the coffee shop area I promptly went back outside to snap a few pics so I could show you what I'm talking about. Now I am sitting at a table writing to you and listening to Ben Howard on Spotify. And yeah, that's pretty much a play by play of my morning. Hope your day goes as well as mine, and wish me luck on my Econ exam tonight.

That's all for now.


p.s. I actually woke up at 7am this morning so I could get my day started without all of the stress of being rushed, which means I had time to put on a little bit of makeup and make myself look presentable, so my day is going quite well so far. #raisetheroof #longhashtags

Song of the day is The Wolves//Ben Howard


rough days..

You know it's a long day when you wake up late for your 8:00 am class across campus, and half way there realize you put your pants on inside out... To make things even better, I forgot my coat back in Kansas City while I was visiting over the picture this: me walking across campus at 8:06 am, shivering and wearing my pants inside out. I finally arrived to class about 10 minutes late. By the way, I was totally rocking my all natural (i.e. no makeup whatsoever) look, which seems to be a trend I just can't quite break between the late nights and early classes across campus. Oh well.

A couple of super exciting things have happened since I last wrote to you.

#1 I have written two stories for Teen Vogue(!!), you can check them out here. I am hoping to continue writing more stories for and I even have my very own contributor bio on their site, which is so cool.

#2 It is now the second semester of my freshman year, and as per usual I am struggling along and dreaming of warmer days ahead.

#3 I have a new name for my site,, which is now live and I could not be more excited!

In my next couple of posts I am hoping to wrap up the last two days of my new york trip from over the summer (woah, that was soo long ago..) and tell you a little about my winter break in between semesters. Naturally, there were many, many hours spent at coffee shops and hanging out with friends so I cannot wait to share the pictures I took on the blog.

As of right now, I am sitting in the coffee shop at the library, trying to get through some books about the Great Depression for my English paper. I am also listening to some much needed John Mayer on Spotify, unfortunately I have just eaten the last of my goldfish snacks.

That's all for today.


p.s. earlier I treated myself to a Kaldi's Coffee mocha and it was #goals.