The New York Series. Day Four.

The New York Series. Day Four. June 23rd, 2015.

My fourth day in New York was another fun day, full of activities. Lexy and I got up and early and walked to Levain Bakery where I got a mouthwatering double chocolate chip cookie (yes, I know it was breakfast) and a mocha. Levain Bakery was a tiny little bakery on the Upper West Side, not too far from Central Park, and it was soo good. I would definitely recommend stopping by for a cookie if you get the chance. After getting our food, we decided to walk to Central Park where we found this awesome little spot to eat our breakfast by. It overlooked the water and parts of the skyline, so obviously we took about a hundred pictures (because why not).

Next, we met up with my parents at Columbus Circle, and then met with my cousin Andy who lives in NYC. We decided that for lunch we would have a little picnic in the park over by the baseball fields, so we went into Whole Foods and shopped to our heart's stomach's desire. It was great. We spent about an hour sitting and eating, and catching up with Andy, and I felt just like a local (which, of course, is my favorite thing to say).

After our picnic, we walked down towards Madison and 5th Avenue where we stopped by the Plaza Hotel and Bergdorf Goodman's. I proceeded to go inside of Bergdorf's with the rest of my family and let my eyes take in all of the gorgeous (expensive) designer labels. Lucky for us, there was a huge shoe sale going on upstairs, it was a mad house. I decided that since I was there I needed to try on some shoes (obviously) so I chose three of my favorite top designer brands, Chanel, Christian Louboutin, and Jimmy Choo. It was magical. I left Bergdorf's feeling depressed and aching for my very own Céline handbag.

After perusing the rest of the way down 5th Avenue we decided to go downtown to see the 9/11 memorial and the brand new One World Trade Center (also, home to Condé Nast). I felt like the building went on forever, you couldn't see the top even if you laid on the ground (I did not try, because ew, germs). Condé Nast, of course, is where I want to end up some day, so it was like a dream come true to see it all up close. (Unfortunately we did not see Anna Wintour as I had hoped, but I am determined that will happen soon enough, so no worries.)

Next, we made our way down to SOHO, where I used up most of the remainder of my spending money. I bought a couple of super cute pieces, my favorite being the greatest romper of all time (it is my new favorite thing that I own). We ended up back at our hotel later that night, but not before enjoying some authentic Greek cuisine at a restaurant right near our hotel. It was a pretty great day, if I do say so myself.

Until next time,

Madison Rodick

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