The New York Series. Day Five.

The New York Series. Day Five. June 24th, 2015.

My fifth day in the city was entirely a day of relaxation. We had walked almost 50 or 60 miles across the city in the last few days, and we were all very exhausted. We chose to spend that Wednesday each doing our own thing. Lexy and I decided to spend almost the whole day in Central Park. We found a spot in Sheep's Meadow, and stayed there for hours. I decided to spend my time listening to music, reading Eat, Pray, Love and writing in my journal. It was amazing, a little vacation from our vacation(: My dad, of course, spent his time at the Historical Society looking for people we were related to, and my mom was out shopping somewhere.

Earlier that day, Lexy and I had decided to go to breakfast at Alice's Tea Cup. We sat there and pretended to be real New Yorkers while we sipped our tea and ate our (absolutely wonderful) scones. You should really check it out sometime, you won't be disappointed. My parents had gone there the day before and my dad bought my little sister some "fairy dust" which according to the gentlemen working at the register, was made by real fairies in the basement.

For lunch we stopped by the Shake Shack, it was pretty darn delicious. Also, it was nice to have a big juicy burger, after trying to eat new things the whole week. Later on, Lexy and I went back to our hotel and changed into cute outfits (for the pictures). That night we all met back up and went to meet one of my parent's friends for some good ole pizza (Lombardi's), and italian ice, it doesn't get much better than that.

We even made the impulsive decision to go to the top of the Empire State Building (I'm sure you're questioning my use of the word impulsive, but I promise we really weren't already planning to go see that iconic NYC spot). Well, let's just say I am soo glad that we decided to go to the Empire State Building because the views (and pictures) I got from up there were probably my favorite pictures from the whole trip. That night in the city felt like it came straight out of a movie, we walked through Greenwich Village, went to the top of the Empire State Building at midnight, and on our way home we passed through the city just looking up and admiring all of the glistening lights above us.

In case you were wondering, the rumor is true. New York City truly is the city that never sleeps.

Until next time,

Madison Rodick

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