The New York Series. Day Three.

The New York Series. Day Three. June 22nd, 2015.

My third day in New York may have been my favorite of all. Lexy and I began our day by waking up and going to Starbucks. We enjoyed our coffee as we sat and people watched on the benches over by Theodore Roosevelt Park. Next we met up with my parents and started our expedition for the day.

On that day we decided to take the subway over to Brooklyn and walk across the Brooklyn Bridge back into Manhattan. It was super cool and it made me feel just like I was in one of those New York City movies, Spiderman included. I felt like I was a part of history, and I couldn't believe I was actually there seeing everything in person. It was pretty whimsical, and it was also a great workout (basically it was the best of both worlds). When we came off the bridge into Manhattan we decided to go to Chinatown. On our way there we passed by this gorgeous fountain and Lexy and I threw coins into it with a wish that in 10 years we would be back in that very spot only the next time we would both be with our husbands. Lexy and her husband would be visiting my husband and I for a nice weekend getaway in the city, because by then I will obviously have a great job at a magazine or something in NYC, a girl can dream(:

By the time we made it to Chinatown, we had already stopped three or four times at stores along the way and we each emerged with a couple hundred dollars worth of shoes..(you can never have enough shoes). We went all around Chinatown and bargained our way through many souvenirs among other things. After that cultural experience, we decided to go ahead and have lunch in Little Italy. We ate at a fantastic Italian Restaurant called Casa Bella. I loved Little Italy, partly because I'm half Italian and partly because the gelato and cannoli's I had were AWESOME.

After Chinatown and Little Italy, we made our way back towards Bryant Park for the special movie in the park night. We sat out on the lawn right behind the New York City Public Library and watched Ghostbusters projected on a huge screen. It was so cool. There were thousands of people all sprawled out on blankets eating their picnic foods waiting for the movie to start. Of course at the beginning of the evening everyone sort of kept to themselves, but by the end of the night the boundaries between blankets had been broken and groups from all around us were intermingling and playing "Head's Up!".  I had so much fun watching all of the people, if anything can be said about my trip to New York it is that I have never been surrounded by more diversity and wide ranges of people speaking different languages. It was a very rich experience, and I really enjoyed taking it all in. Aside from all of the people that night, the park and movie itself were so much fun. I felt like a local as I laid there watching the movie, and every once in a while I would look up and admire the stars against the skyscrapers towering over me.

Also, there's nothing more entertaining than thousands of people chanting "Ghostbusters!" in the middle of a city park late at night.

By the end of the movie, Lexy and I were so exhausted. We met up with my parents and decided to make our way back to the Upper West Side. But as we left, I couldn't help but catch the glistening reflection of the Empire State Building on another building nearby, it was beautiful. That New York evening was one I hope to never forget.

I hope I was able to make you feel as though you were there with me. I enjoyed reminiscing on my time in the city.

Until next time.