The New York Series. Day One.

The New York Series. Day One. June 20th, 2015.

The pictures I'm showing you here are from day one of my adventure in the big apple. When I say we practically did everything in New York, I really mean it (obviously this is quite literally impossible, however we definitely hit the majority of all the top tourist spots and a variety of local hang outs as well.) We walked an average of 11 miles per day (not always in comfortable shoes I might add) which was quite the adventure itself. Now when I say we what I mean is myself, my best friend Lexy, and my parents. The trip to New York was something of a graduation gift from my parents, one that I never would have dreamed of getting.

So to start off, we flew out of Kansas City early Saturday morning and arrived in New York by mid-afternoon. This was good because it meant we had practically a whole day of exploring as soon as we got into the city. We stayed on the Upper West Side right across from the Museum of Natural History and Central Park. We were extremely lucky with the way our hotel worked out and we were able to get it for a pretty awesome price considering the location we were in.

After our crazy cab ride into the city, we unpacked our bags and decided to walk to Gray's Papaya which is a hot dog place that my dad really wanted to go to (funny because he heard of it from the movie Fools Rush In with Matthew Perry and Salma Hayek). The hot dogs were okay, but not entirely what we were used to (we may have been especially harsh since it was pretty much the first thing we'd had all day and we were starving after our flight). Never mind though because I was in THE New York City. You should have seen me. Walking around, looking up at all of the buildings, mesmerized by their great magnitude and entertained by all of the people around me. I quickly immersed myself into the ways of "the New Yorker" walking fast and crossing streets in between cabs and other crazy drivers all the while trying not to lose anyone in the throngs of people walking the streets alongside me.

One thing that I told everyone before I left was that I did not want to do anything touristy and if possible I definitely wanted to avoid the obvious label of "Madison, the tourist." However, unbeknownst to me at the time, I was sorely mistaken for ever having thought I would be able to avoid looking like a tourist. I, unlike the average New Yorker practically never took my eyes off the streets and the people and the buildings, I cannot stress enough how mesmerized I was by all of the people and the buildings, the surroundings themselves literally took my breath away. With each step I fell in love with the city even more. I knew as I walked down those streets that I belonged there. This was going to be my city some day. Oh, New York, how I love you so.

Now, to start our trip off in the best possible way, Lexy and I (mostly me) dragged my parents down to the High Line between W 16th and W 17th St., near Chelsea where Lexy and I had heard about an event being thrown by the Sunglass Hut. We had heard about this event from none other than Amber Fillerup Clark, one of Lexy and I's favorite bloggers. Lexy and I saw Amber had posted on her Instagram that she and her family would be at the event from a certain time that day, and to Lexy and I's disbelief she was actually there when we got there. And WE got to meet Amber Fillerup Clark. Best Day Ever (at least top 10 anyways). Lexy and I were so excited, we totally "fangirled" over her, and it was great.

After meeting Amber Fillerup Clark at the High Line, my parents wanted us to go to the Guggenheim, so we got back on the subway and made our way to the Upper East Side. Fortunately for us it was "pay as you wish night" and we wished to pay $5 for the four of us..I strongly suggest taking advantage of such nights. The Guggenheim was actually pretty cool, I think my favorite part was the building itself. Plus getting to see paintings by van Gogh and Klee wasn't so bad either. I think more than anything I was impressed by the thought that hundreds of years ago these painters were looking at this painting, inches away from it, creating it, and now here I stand admiring it just as they did. That, to me, is the coolest thing.

I think it's safe to say that my days just got better from there. I cannot wait to share the rest of my memories and pictures with you. I hope you enjoy day one in pictures...

Love always,


p.s. I guess by now you've probably noticed that I am obsessed with taking pictures (mostly of random things and people, but to me, those are the most interesting things to see), hopefully my pictures made you feel like you were actually there walking the streets with me

and yes, to answer your question, New York was everything I imagined it to be and more.

until next time...