La Vie en Rose

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The Picture above is from one of my favorite movies ever, Sabrina

Sabrina : No one ever stops... The whole place. And it's like everything is asleep... and... I used to walk everywhere in Paris. I used to walk from Montmartre down into the center of the town. Along the Seine there is a 4-mile wall that goes from Isle Saint Germain to the Pontde Bercy. Takes you past all the bridges of Paris, 23 of them. Then you find one you love and you go there everyday with your coffee and your journal, and you listen to the river... I found myself in Paris.

It seems as though every time I find myself listening to La Vie en Rose radio on my Pandora, I tend to have a lot on my mind.

Today, this is particularly true as I find myself sitting in Starbucks (the usual) listening to La Vie en Rose radio and contemplating my future. I lose myself in the haze of caffeine as it travels through my veins.

I've been sitting here for the last two hours or maybe more, just writing. Letters to myself, allowing me to put my thoughts and feelings down into words. I sat here and wrote four pages of the thoughts going through my mind, the hours go by like minutes. I look up only to see the people sitting across from me replaced by another couple drinking their cups of coffee. How, I wonder, is it that I can become so enthralled by my writing that I become oblivious to the happenings around me. It's kind of a crazy thing to think about, but I suppose that's just the way I am.

If only I could share my thoughts and feelings with you, but however much you might might like to know what's going through my mind, I would be far too naive to express my true self on here the way I do in my many, many letters.

Sometimes, when I look back through what I've written I surprise myself with the way my words form so perfectly, flawlessly without my even noticing. It surprises me so, and I find it comforting to read the words I use to express myself, almost as though I am an outsider looking in. For that short moment, able to take a breath and gain insight into the depths of my mind.

This sure is some heavy stuff for a Sunday afternoon. But no matter, what can you be other than yourself? Writing is an awfully wonderful thing, in every type of way, writing is my stress reliever and words are my muse, never ceasing to amaze me with the way they can express the way I truly feel.

The picture I included above is from one of my favorite movies of all time, Sabrina. I also included a quote from my favorite scene in the movie, I feel like it goes right along with me and the way that I am. To "find yourself in Paris," how wonderful would it be to do just that?

I suppose that's all for now, my hands are starting to hurt after all this typing.. (:



p.s. remember not to change for anyone but yourself.

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