well crap..

Okay, so today is Tuesday, December 30th and I am sitting at Starbucks writing to you. I have been here for quite a while just trying to think of something to say, and all of a sudden my foot falls asleep. To make matters worse I'm sitting directly in front of the door, and since every white girl in America decided to come to Starbucks today, I am constantly being hit with cold blasts of air. So as I sit here writing to you with ice cube feet, I dream of warm fuzzy blankets and fire places (meanwhile making mental notes to wear boots and socks next time I decide to go anywhere during the winter). *sidenote- some random lady just came up to me and was asking me about my Chromebook, she was probably like 50 something and she wanted me to tell her how it worked and she was asking about "Hi-Fi" (Wi-Fi), I told her that you needed it and she went next door to get her brother and then proceeded to have me tell him about my Chromebook as well, and they stood there arguing in front of me for five minutes about how she should get a tablet instead..awksauce.* Anyways.. I quickly came to my "well crap" realization when I became aware that since my foot had fallen asleep, it meant that I was basically trapped at Starbucks..oops. Here I sit, shivering and being evil-eyed by every person who walks in the door and sees me writing on my laptop. All of them are probably wondering what exactly this "hipster" girl is writing about and how it's so typical to see someone like me when you walk into a Starbucks. In response to these haters, I will quote my dad with my favorite saying of all "it's whatevs." Aside from the haters, today has been a pretty productive day, I had a great morning with my friend, Frankye. We went to one of our favorite coffee shops and just talked about life and Christmas. Then we hit up the thrift store and found some awesome stuff (three awesome sweaters and my very own McAlister's t-shirt for under $30, SCORE..). Alright, well I've been at Starbucks for about three hours and I'm about to pee my pants from all the Passion tea I've drank. Peace out my friends.



p.s. thrifting is my fave, and I'm only drinking Passion tea because I already had a mocha this morning, just thought you should know..
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