the metro transit girls

For lack of a better name, I titled this post "the metro transit girls".. Somewhat of an interesting title, but it is exactly what it sounds like.

This story is about the two girls I met on the metro transit system (train/subway) in Minneapolis. They were your typical twenty-something white girls who came straight from the Mall of America with their iced frappuccinos and shopping bags in hand. I sat there amused by the one in the pink Boston hat with her obvious humor and blunt personality. I first realized that she was funny when a "wannabe gangster" walked onto the metro and swaggered walked through the aisle speaking out loud to himself and saying that "it smelled like someone [pooped] themself man." To this, the girl with the pink hat looked up, taking a break from sipping her iced coffee, and said "sorry, my bad." Her and the other girl with the brown hair began snorting and giggling and you just couldn't help but laugh. (Maybe it was one of those "you had to be there moments" but I really don't think so) So anyways, after I realized these girls were funny, I couldn't help but be a little creepy and listen to what they were talking about (not entirely difficult since they were quite loud and I was sitting directly across from them). They began talking about very important worldly issues, like how "Derek" hadn't returned the pink hat girl's phone call and which Instagram pictures they thought looked stupid. This was all very interesting and I assumed that the girls probably attend the University of Minnesota and they were just out shopping for the day. It seemed kind of crazy because I wondered how old they were, and how they couldn't be much older than myself. They reminded me a lot of my best friend and I, the way they sat there and laughed on the subway and joked around like they didn't care who saw them. My favorite part of this encounter, however, was when a very smelly, intoxicated woman decided to vomit inside of the metro, just a few feet away from where we were sitting. These girls seemed very disgusted, yet also amused with the whole situation. It was one of those  "so bad you can't look away" kind of moments. (I'm sure you can relate.) The picture below was when they decided that they would hold their already-empty drinks up to their noses in an effort to block out the smell of vomit. What a sight.. This picture says it all, the girl in the pink hat's expression is priceless. She looks super calm, cool, and collected, but she totally fooled you because right before this moment she almost lost her cool and told us she was going to be sick. Thankfully she was able to refrain, I can only imagine the sort of gruesome scene that would have been, but I will spare you my imaginative details.. Meanwhile, every time the metro made a stop and someone got on we all yelled at them to watch out for the was pretty nasty. Another favorite moment from this fabulous little evening was right after the lady vomited and got off the metro and this guy from some far away country with a thick accent yelled "THAT IS WHY I TURN DOWN, hahahahaha..." Naturally, we all laughed in response, thinking to ourselves "sure buddy, whatever you say.." To make matters worse, or better (you decide) he said, "haha I hope she didn't have Ebola." Gee, I suppose you could say the feeling was mutual. Needless to say, I promptly took a shower as soon as we arrived back at our hotel..

And as for Kylie and Bridget (those are the names I'm giving them), they got off somewhere between Nicolett Ave. and Minnehaha Blvd. (there is a very strong chance that one of those streets is made up..I'm bad at directions, what can I say..). I suppose I will never see them again, but the thirty minute appearance that they made in my life was well worth the laughs.

Hope you enjoyed my tidbit about life on a metro/transit/subway/train, whatever it is. 

You're welcome,


p.s. remember to bring hand sanitizer the next time you decide to take public transportation..

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