Just a Dreamer

Today was an interesting day. It is the first day of December, (I can't believe it's already December) not too much to report other than that, just that it was bitterly cold today and I should have started my day out with some coffee. Anyways, now I sit here writing to you and dreaming about the months ahead.

Traveling has been on my mind quite a bit lately. I am a dreamer, and I dream of traveling. There are so many places I want to go, so many places I want to see. Just another thing on the long list of things I want to accomplish in my life. Traveling is something I want to do sooner than later, however. I want to travel to Europe this summer. I have never been and I definitely feel like I am missing out. I want to experience the culture and the people in European countries. I want to stand there in awe of the beautiful countryside and mountains that decorate Europe. I sit here dreaming of the day when I will write to you from a cozy little cafe in the South of France. Or the pictures I will share from my journey through the Italian countryside. I envy those who travel frequently to these places and forget to take in the beauty that surrounds them. My view of what it will be like when I finally get to visit these places is all a little whimsical. Even if it doesn't quite live up to my expectations, at least I will be able to say "I've been there, I've done that." Those words will satisfy me. I dream of the day that I will step off that plane in Amsterdam and finally be there, ready to explore. Give me an opportunity and I will make it a great one. I sit here dreaming of the day when my dreams will finally become a reality..

There are so many places and people outside of our everyday lives..sometimes it's good to remind yourself of that. It helps to gain a little perspective in the whole grand scheme of things. Sometimes I wonder what it is that gets me thinking about such things like traveling and going away from where I am right now. I suppose this cold, gloomy weather could have something to do with it. Maybe I just want to escape from all of the stress I feel with the end of the semester and the preparation for college.

Looking forward to traveling in my future and the long list of places I would like to visit definitely helps to get my mind off of the boring, stressful tasks that are my life. Just think with me here..picture visiting London, Paris, Tuscany, Rome, Prague, the Netherlands, Iceland, Greece, Germany, so many places to visit.. Someday I will see them all. And I will write about my experiences for you to read as well.

For now however, I will go back to drinking coffee in my favorite coffee shops and exploring my city. All the while, dreaming of what lies ahead. It's funny the way life goes, just remember to think of your life as an adventure and hope that everything will turn out just fine.

I suppose that is all for today, my friends. Remember to smile and enjoy living in the moment.

p.s. Don't forget to keep dreaming..

Love always,

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