Who are you?

The people you meet, the things you read, and the places you go shape the person you are. Who are you?

If someone were to ask me this question, I'm really not sure what I would say. It would probably go along the lines of, "Hi, I'm Madison Rodick, I'm 18 years old and I'm a senior in high school. I like sports, I'm athletic, very involved in school, I'm a Christian, I've moved a lot." ( I mean, I guess that's all I would say..) It's kind of strange to think about who you are and how you would describe yourself to someone else.

Recently I went to a workshop that focused on personal branding. One of the things I took away from the workshop was "personal brand is what others say about you when you leave the room" and "why someone knows your name, it's not all about who you know and who knows you, but why they know you." This is a concept that seems very interesting to me.

Aside from personal branding, I want to get back to generally meeting someone. When I meet someone there are certain things that I would like for them to think about me. One being that I am a nice person, I think I'm a pretty nice person and I generally try to do nice things for others. But what makes me, me? And more importantly what makes you, you? There are so many things I want to accomplish and do in my life and I feel like it's only the beginning, like I haven't even begun to break the surface of opportunities that await me. It's a nice thought.

So tell me, who and what has shaped your life lately? Really think about it.

Talk to you soon.


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