November 4th, 2014, it was a Tuesday.

"It was a Tuesday", actually it still is..

Anyways, I haven't written in a while and I have definitely missed it. So, to make up for all of the time that I should have spent writing on my blog, I am going to write the best thing you've read today. (Yes, yes, I know this is a pretty heavy promise considering some of you are probably very classy people who read very sophisticated things. But I am telling you that today, this is just as good as the best thing you've read all day, if not better(: ) Let's get to it, shall we?

It was a Tuesday well spent if you ask me. I did not have school today so I decided to take full advantage and spend the night with my best friend last night. I also took advantage of the "midnight rule" in my art class to get my project done on time, (a job well done, by the way) (that's beside the point, but oh well). Then, since it was rainy and cold night I decided that I had no option but to run by the local grocery store and pick up a tub (yes, a tub) of Tollhouse Chocolate Chip cookie dough and some Tazo green tea in a glass bottle (go big or go home). I ended the night with Lexy in her basement watching Gilmore Girls and Friends, and eating my stress away (ha). Is it bad that I decided to buy the Tazo green tea because I convinced myself that I would be eating healthier? Oops, my bad.. By the time this morning rolled around, I had awoken off the couch with my makeup still on, feeling like a million bucks. Fast forward to about 10:30 a.m. when I got back to my house, and I spent about an hour going through clothes that my grandma gave me when she was cleaning out her closet. Jackpot (kinda), it was a mixture of really great shoes and vintage finds, and a variety of eighties patterns and jackets with shoulder pads. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. I went up to take a shower feeling pretty happy. When I got out of the shower I decided to fully primp myself for the day. I picked out a super cute, fall (sweater weather) outfit, I even added some gold eyeshadow above my eyeliner to enhance the fall look I was going for. (nailed it) (: I even painted my nails, except I painted them the same color as before..but I still say it counts. Unfortunately, I can never paint my nails without at least smudging one finger, so right on schedule I smudged my index finder nail as I was putting my wallet in my purse. I did not let that put a damper on my mood, so no worries. Next, on the list of events for my Tuesday, consisted of me trying to vote and then being informed that I missed the deadline to register..I was pretty bummed about that one considering I had already picked out my Instagram caption for the picture I planned on posting of me with my "I voted today" sticker. No sticker for me..): The day went on and I went to work around 1:30 p.m. Work was work.

Now, the good part. Finally, I came here to my favorite coffee shop to write about my day as I listen to "coffee shop music" on Pandora. I left work early and drove here while I admired the amazing Fall Happenings(: I got a parking spot right in front, "an omen" and then I ordered a medium Mocha with a gift card I got for my birthday. *raise the roof emoji. I guess you could say it was a pretty cool day, and the best part is that it's not even over.

Get happy and go listen to some "coffee shop music" on Pandora. I know you just wanna be like me, and I can't blame you(; just kidding, just be yourself and spread some happy sweater weather cheer. You know you want to(:

I guess that's all for this evening my friends.



p.s. Peace, Love, and Coffee. Also, I hope I lived up to my promise about writing the best thing you have read today, if not there is always tomorrow(;
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