The Scenic Route in Life

I love driving. Whenever I have a lot on my mind, I love to just go for a drive. I drive with the windows down, listen to music, and just stick my hand out the window. Instead of taking the quickest way to get home, I will take the back roads and make my drive last as long as possible (while trying not to use all of my gas of course).

Something I've realized about myself when I look back on my life is that often times I seem to choose the scenic route in life (or it chooses me). Without fail, I seem to always end up on the scenic route, the place where I set out to be is always just around the bend, not quite close enough to reach, but close enough to see. 

This is an interesting discovery that I have made about myself. You would think that with your goals, you would want to reach them as soon as possible, but for me that is not always the case. It's something that I have realized deep down, on the surface (yeah, of course I want to reach my goals as soon as possible), but deep down I would almost rather be where I am right now for just a little while longer. Just be, and enjoy the moment.


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