Do you ever have one of those days..

So this morning I woke up on time. This is a big step for me because usually I wake up like 15 minutes before I'm supposed to walk out the door. Anyways, I woke up at 6:00 a.m., right when my alarm went off, and I actually wanted to get up. But then, I just laid there. I could not bring myself to get out of bed and everything seemed to be sucking so bad at that exact moment. I looked at my phone and I got a notification that said "Good morning, today is going to be chilly, so get your jackets out." That was irritating since I had planned on wearing a dress today and looking super cute. I decided to try and calm myself down and be zen or something. I just wanted to be calm and relaxed and not feel like I was rushing anywhere. I continued to lie in bed for the next 45 minutes and I practiced my yoga breathing and relaxation.

When I finally pulled myself out of bed, I scrapped my cute outfit and opted for leggings, a vintage sweatshirt, scarf, and white converse high tops. I proceeded to put my hair in my "everyday ponytail" and I went with concealer and mascara for the face.. I felt pretty great, not gonna lie. But every time I decide to wear something comfortable instead of cute I start to regret my decision by about noon. I see other people who decided to wear cute outfits and feel all stylish, and then here I am in my casual, semi-eighties workout getup..

So I ask you, "do you ever just have one of those days?" Because I 'm pretty sure that I am having one of them today. One of those days: you wake up, you don't feel like getting out of bed, you have to get out of bed anyways because you have this thing called school and responsibilities, and then you come to school and everyone looks cute.. Day equals crap. Actually, it's not so bad because I feel pretty comfy and I plan on reading my book tonight so at least I have something to look forward to. Well, that's all for today my friends..


The Scenic Route in Life

I love driving. Whenever I have a lot on my mind, I love to just go for a drive. I drive with the windows down, listen to music, and just stick my hand out the window. Instead of taking the quickest way to get home, I will take the back roads and make my drive last as long as possible (while trying not to use all of my gas of course).

Something I've realized about myself when I look back on my life is that often times I seem to choose the scenic route in life (or it chooses me). Without fail, I seem to always end up on the scenic route, the place where I set out to be is always just around the bend, not quite close enough to reach, but close enough to see. 

This is an interesting discovery that I have made about myself. You would think that with your goals, you would want to reach them as soon as possible, but for me that is not always the case. It's something that I have realized deep down, on the surface (yeah, of course I want to reach my goals as soon as possible), but deep down I would almost rather be where I am right now for just a little while longer. Just be, and enjoy the moment.



Dream Big

When someone tells you that you can't do something, don't believe them.

Lately I seem to be hearing a lot of discouraging things. "You can't do that" or "it's just not going to work out", "it's for the best." I hate hearing someone tell me I can't do something.

I can do whatever I set my mind to. And if for some reason, it turns out that I can't do something, I want to figure it out on my own. Chances are, if I try something and fail at it, I will learn what I can do to solve my problem for next time. I will only keep trying until I get it right. I can do what I want, and so can you. Don't allow others to tell you that you can't do something. Sometimes just because something is practical or realistic, doesn't make it right. Just because someone else seems to have gone through the same or similar situation you may be going through doesn't mean that you will have the same outcome as they did. Some people really love giving you advice, but you have to remember that in the end you are the one who decides what you will do. I let myself get too wrapped up in what other people are telling me sometimes, and I forget that I am the only person who can determine what I will and won't do.

Someone very wise once told me this: "Don't listen to those who tell you that you can't do something. Never let somebody invade your dreams and tell you that you can't reach them. Every person in history who has done something great has always been told all about how they cannot achieve something, but if they had listened to that advice...we wouldn't have anything today. Don't let anyone hold you back." - a friend.. How great is that? People like that inspire me. Teachers and adults should stop going around telling us to be "realistic" and discouraging us, they should be inspiring us. Why does everyone go around acting as though they are afraid to get hurt or fail at something? One thing I have realized over the past year is that if you love something enough then it's worth getting hurt over. The pain you feel symbolizes how great it was when you had it. So don't live life worrying about whether you will get hurt or fail at something, instead embrace the happiness and joy you have when you succeed at something.

I don't know about you, but I want to be inspired. Inspiration is a wonderful thing, and those who are inspired are unstoppable. You can do whatever you set your mind to. You only get one life, so you may as well make it a good one. Dream big, my friends.

"Life's too short to even care at all."
- young the giant




his name was Marshall

the mysterious man at the coffee shop

His name was Marshall and that was all I knew. He sits behind me as I write this. I wonder if he knows that I am writing about him (probably not).

I was sitting here with friends; minding my own, and doing some homework, when in walks a man with a beard. Not a really shaggy beard, one that was well-kept. But, one that suggested he may be an adventurer. I believe you can tell a lot about a man by his facial hair. There was nothing too special about this man with the adventurer's beard, but he caught my eye as he walked in with his dirty hiking backpack and wallet made of linen and leather. 

His backpack seemed to be begging to tell a story, like "ask me where I've been, these marks tell a story." I concluded that the backpack and Marshall had definitely been on an adventure before, the question was, where? Where have you and your backpack been?

When he walked in, he was stopped at the door by a man who called him by name, "Marshall!" That's when I knew, I knew his name was Marshall.. ha(: They stood talking for a few minutes and then I heard the other man say something about how Marshall should visit the Oregon coast, "for it was absolutely breathtaking." I could tell Marshall was intrigued.

Marshall chose the table behind me and got settled in, doing something (I'm not quite sure what because I don't want to turn around and investigate for fear that he may think I'm weird or something.. Funny, since here I am writing about the intriguing man with the beard in my local coffee shop.) Anyhow, the owner of the coffee shop came walking around asking how everyone was doing and how we liked our drinks, he stopped at Marshall's table and called him by name (I now knew that Marshall was either a regular or friend of the owner, I think he's just a regular but I suppose he could be both).

I really do not know much about this man, but for some reason he is quite intriguing. I think it must be the mystery surrounding him. His average height; dirty blonde, tousled hair (modeled to perfection); perfectly well-kept, scruffy beard; and his clearly toned (but not too toned) body. This, paired with an effortless, casual jeans and t-shirt seemed to occupy my mind while I tried to finish my homework. I wondered why he intrigued me as I factored my algebra equations, and I wonder if he was intrigued by me too.. He is gone now, and I wonder if I will ever see him again. That's the thing about strangers, sometimes they pass you by and you never see them again.

We never actually spoke, but if we had I imagine he may have told me about the time he climbed Mount Everest, or the year he lived in Australia, maybe even the time he backpacked across Europe.. I guess I'll never know, but it's kind of fun to imagine what could've been (maybe even better than reality).

This seems silly to have written, but people fascinate me (especially when I think they have a story to be told). Until next time.



p.s. did anyone intrigue you today?