Old People with great Fashion

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Old People with great Fashion. You're probably wondering what I mean when I write this.. Well I mean what I wrote. Picture someone old, okay now picture what you believe to be good fashion. Now put them together, what do you have? Old people with great fashion.

Here I am, sitting at a coffee shop (as always), when in walks a woman about the age of my grandma (this is not a bad thing, I love my grandma and she is wonderful) and she is wearing a very large, flowy, white linen top. She paired the top with loose, black linen pants that gathered at the ankle. She had dark, short hair and she was wearing very cool hipster glasses with red rims (so cute).

Prior to seeing this woman, I had been reading Cathy Horyn's "Sign of the Times" article which ever so wittingly bashed Hedi Slimane's new YSL line. (By the way, if you find yourself looking for a humorous read on fashion, you should definitely check the article out). Now back to my story, when reading about fashion and understanding what the writer is saying, I suddenly begin to feel as though I am a fashion critic as well. I mean why shouldn't I be? Well, moments after reading the article on Slimane, the older woman walked into the coffee shop with her also fashionable friend and I was immediately intrigued by her outfit choice. I felt as though it were my duty to report on such a matter because you, like the rest of the world should be well-informed on fashion trends and activities in the area.

So now, down to business. The point of this post is to beg a very important question: Can old people have great fashion sense? Now don't get me wrong, there are obviously many old people who have cute fashion and they always will because that's just who they are. But we cannot forget about the many other "oldies" (ha) who seem to get away with dressing in gross outfits simply because they are "old." This is no excuse. They make great clothes for old people too, don't be perceived. For some reason old people get a hall pass when it comes to dressing with the trends, people think that it doesn't matter if old people aren't fashionable. I mean they've made it this far, let's just let them wear whatever they want, who cares. Right? Wrong. This is not cool, old people should be held accountable for their fashion felonies too.

I say this because the poor, old, fashionable ladies with the red rimmed glasses out there are getting stereotyped with the rest of them, we need to appreciate them more and give these fashionistas the credit they deserve for not giving up on fashion. So this is my thank you to the lady with the red rimmed glasses: Thank you for dressing with class and good taste. She looked perfect for an afternoon coffee outing with the girls, and I applaud her choices on pairing the large shirt and pants. She was the epitome of retro in a coffee shop and I love it. The next time you see someone old, remind them to stay up to date on what is fashionable and what is not. FYI: socks with sandals is not and never was acceptable in the fashion world. Dear old people, please go shopping and pick yourself out something nice, you deserve it. But before you buy: ask yourself if you would've worn the outfit in 1984. If the answer is yes, then I beg you to reconsider. Aim for vintage with a bit of a modern twist to it. Hope this helps. Also, don't forget to admire the picture above, it showcases old people with great fashion sense.

That is all.

Hope you enjoyed this food for thought, because I thoroughly enjoyed writing it.

As always.


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