Fashion: yesterday, today, and tomorrow

In the sense of fashion, change can be a miraculous thing depending on how you look at it. Everyone looks back on old pictures of themselves and thinks "What on Earth was I wearing?" or "How could that have been acceptable?", fashion is always changing. Seasons change which gives way to new styles. Designers are always two steps ahead of consumers. Designers handpick the colors, styles, and trends that will stock stores in the seasons that follow. Fashion can have a huge impact on someone's life. People gain confidence from the outfits they wear. Clothes are a magnificent thing, they are tools that chip away at the outer surface of the person wearing them and allow true personalities to shine through.

Fashion has many aspects: from professional, to casual, to more appealing. In the professional world the phrase "dress for success" proves to be very true. Dressing for the position you want can help push you towards success. In the workplace your outfit and the way you look is the first impression that you give your employer. A well put together outfit symbolizes that you are taking your job seriously.

Fashion has taken a huge turn in the last couple decades. In the 1950's, people were more conservative and your clothing often reflected your job. Nowadays a lot has changed, people take a more casual look towards fashion. Most people wear what they want and their clothing usually reflects their personality. This is more proof that change is a miraculous thing. People break away from the norms of society and do their own thing, which leaves people being more independent than ever.

In fashion change is a good thing, people look for change and hope to start new and fresh with clothing that gives them confidence. Fashion impacts people's lives for the better, giving them a sense of freedom. Fashion is a big part of my life and I use it every day to express myself.

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