goosebumps and coffee breath

I giggled because I think my title is clever hehe(:

I'm still sitting at my fave coffee shop, on my second mocha at this point. I've somehow managed to get in trouble twice already by my parents and I'm not even doing anything..oh well. Those are the moments where I tell myself God will take care of all of my problems (ex. mowing the yard and calming down the parents) (; It seems to be working for me so far. So I'm sitting here in this coffee shop looking cute and stuff and I'm freezing. I have goosebumps and I really want to step outside and feel the warm air on my skin, but I have a really good booth and I don't want anyone to steal it.. The thing that sucks is that I just shaved my legs this morning and as India Arie would say sometimes I shave my legs and sometimes I don' I'm trying to make these silky smooth legs last as long as possible. (: Darn this air conditioned coffee shop. Even though I'm on the brink of freezing, I am still having a fabulous afternoon. I told myself I would write in my journal, but I decided that reading the Man Repeller blog was much more appealing. So I have spent the last two hours just chillin, drinking coffee, listening to indie pop music, and trying really hard not to laugh out loud at the blog posts on Man Repeller (when you're sitting by yourself and you laugh out loud people give you that awkward stink eye, like "why are you laughing this is a coffee shop and we are having a dramatic conversation over here"...oookkaaayyy sorry sir..) #awksauce.

This is awesome, two posts in one day and I'm on a role (go me!) lol.

It's funny because when I'm sitting in a coffee shop I suddenly transform into "hipster Madison" where I drink coffee and dream about living in New York City when I'm older. All I like listening to is "coffee shop music" which consists of artists like: Jack Johnson, Corinne Bailey Rae, Norah Jones, etc.. Being a hipster is fun.

alright well I'm going to get back to Man Repeller now, don't forget to have a fantabulous day (yes I just merged fantastic and fabulous to make fantabulous and I have more where that came from(; ).

Love, Madison
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