crafting is fun

This weekend I had a little bit of extra time on my hands and I decided to do some crafting. I made a collage, vintage frames, and a couple of small diy projects. Here are some pictures!
This was made by poking holes in a shoe box and putting the cords through the holes. Then I put all of my wires in the box to keep the clutter hidden!

This is a small canvas with pink fabric stretched across it, I'm using as a small "bulletin board" and I also put some decorative pearls and flowers on the corners to glam it up a bit.

The top picture is a large canvas with fabric stretched across it and then a collage on it, all I did was tear out fun pictures from my favorite magazines.

This collection of pictures was made with an old Audrey Hepburn calendar, also in the top left corner I used small clips to hang pictures from the lights that I have strewn across my curtain rod.

These frames were made from old frames that I repainted a cream color, then I used grey chevron fabric as the background and black letters to spell out the word live.

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