can you not

Hey guys so today I came face to face with a serious problem. Leggings, once again are proving to be the main topic for the "can you not" category. Unfortunately girls continue to wear them day after day. And I am not going to lie, even I wear leggings every once in a while, but whenever I do I always make sure to cover my bum and at least do my makeup so I don't look like I just got out of bed (even though sometimes that is exactly the case). However, most people are not like me, at least not the ones I see on a day to day basis. I think wearing leggings and "bumming it" should only be a once a week thing. The reason I am writing this to you today is because there is one fashion offender who continues to make the same fashion offenses day after day. You would think that she has more in her closet than just leggings and sweatshirts. Maybe she is just wearing the cute stuff on the weekends? (I highly doubt it). Anyways, this one person in particular has a standard outfit (if you can call it that) every single day, it consists of: an old crew neck sweatshirt with color coordinating leggings, and her choice of shoes (summer-sperry's, winter-uggs) along with mis-matched socks. This crisis could be averted, however, I can not dismiss it because she continues to wear sweatshirts that do not cover her butt, and never feels the need to brush or fix her hair let alone put on a little bit of makeup. (Now, don't go thinking I'm some horrible person, I just felt the need to speak the truth.) Please help me to spread the word on the "leggings as pants crisis."

p.s. no makeup isn't always a bad thing, it all depends on your preference

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