I've been pretty busy lately. I took a spontaneous trip to Chicago with my family and it was jam packed with really great things to do! Each day this week I'm going to write a post about a different attraction I visited while I was in Chicago and I will share some great pictures too! Most of these attractions had to be on a budget and I'm going to share how we accomplished to go to Chicago and have a ton of fun while seeing the cities greatest attractions all in 3 days!


The Bean

While in Chicago "The Bean" is a must see. It is located in Millennium Park. I loved visiting The Bean and of course I took many, many pictures. So here are just a few for you to see(:


It's been a while..

Well it's been a while since I last wrote. In my last post I promised that I would write about my recent trip to Chicago so my next few posts will be all about Chicago! Don't worry I promise I won't forget this time(:


p.s. Spring is FINALLY here!

the oscars

For starters, I know this is a couple of days late, but I would just like to say that I love Ellen and I thought her hosting the Oscars was absolutely hilarious. But before the Oscars even started, my TV was playing E for five hours straight as they showed "pre-Oscar filler activities" leading up to the red carpet. Once I was finally able to start watching the stars walk out onto the red carpet I was much more satisfied. My favorite look of the night was definitely Lupita Nyongo's icy blue Prada dress. I felt that it looked absolutely stunning on her and was perfect for the occasion. I also loved the way it made her skin tone glow. I loved everything about her outfit, along with the jewels and headband. I ♡ you Lupita Nyongo. And to top it all off Ellen's performance was extremely entertaining. 
Lupita Nyong'o at the Oscars

crafting is fun

This weekend I had a little bit of extra time on my hands and I decided to do some crafting. I made a collage, vintage frames, and a couple of small diy projects. Here are some pictures!
This was made by poking holes in a shoe box and putting the cords through the holes. Then I put all of my wires in the box to keep the clutter hidden!

This is a small canvas with pink fabric stretched across it, I'm using as a small "bulletin board" and I also put some decorative pearls and flowers on the corners to glam it up a bit.

The top picture is a large canvas with fabric stretched across it and then a collage on it, all I did was tear out fun pictures from my favorite magazines.

This collection of pictures was made with an old Audrey Hepburn calendar, also in the top left corner I used small clips to hang pictures from the lights that I have strewn across my curtain rod.

These frames were made from old frames that I repainted a cream color, then I used grey chevron fabric as the background and black letters to spell out the word live.


can you not

Hey guys so today I came face to face with a serious problem. Leggings, once again are proving to be the main topic for the "can you not" category. Unfortunately girls continue to wear them day after day. And I am not going to lie, even I wear leggings every once in a while, but whenever I do I always make sure to cover my bum and at least do my makeup so I don't look like I just got out of bed (even though sometimes that is exactly the case). However, most people are not like me, at least not the ones I see on a day to day basis. I think wearing leggings and "bumming it" should only be a once a week thing. The reason I am writing this to you today is because there is one fashion offender who continues to make the same fashion offenses day after day. You would think that she has more in her closet than just leggings and sweatshirts. Maybe she is just wearing the cute stuff on the weekends? (I highly doubt it). Anyways, this one person in particular has a standard outfit (if you can call it that) every single day, it consists of: an old crew neck sweatshirt with color coordinating leggings, and her choice of shoes (summer-sperry's, winter-uggs) along with mis-matched socks. This crisis could be averted, however, I can not dismiss it because she continues to wear sweatshirts that do not cover her butt, and never feels the need to brush or fix her hair let alone put on a little bit of makeup. (Now, don't go thinking I'm some horrible person, I just felt the need to speak the truth.) Please help me to spread the word on the "leggings as pants crisis."

p.s. no makeup isn't always a bad thing, it all depends on your preference