Oops, haven't posted in a while. Sorry, I've been super busy. I have actually been running and working out lately so props to me ha(: Also, I started a yoga class and it is great. It is actually way harder than I thought it was going to be and it requires a lot of balancing and inner strength. One of the hardest things for me was remembering to breathe while I was doing the different poses. But once I got into it, it was really great. I did a class called "hot yoga" which was just yoga in a really hot room. The hot room is to help you sweat and burn more calories, and also help loosen your muscles to give you a little more flexibility. I really enjoyed the class and even though I may have laughed a little at some of the things the yoga instructor said, I really think it helped. My goal of going to the class is to help me lower my stress levels and also to get another version of exercise. I would definitely recommend a yoga class to anyone who is thinking about trying one. They are really good about helping you focus on your inner self and taking things little by little. Anyways, I hope you go out and try some yoga!

p.s. I almost laughed out loud at the end when the instructor basically sang "ooohhhmmm shaaantii shaaaantii shaaantii, ooohhmmmm" hahaha there's a small chance that I am totally immature and like a little kid, but don't worry I kept my laughter in and chanted it along with them "OOOOHHHMMMM" (:

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