what to wear- the age old question

Is it just me or do you feel like you never have anything to wear. I was talking with one of my friends today and we both seem to agree on this fact. But I have a feeling it's not just us.. Ha, I'm sure this could go under #firstworldprobs but it is truly an issue women face everyday. As dumb as it may sound, I'm being serious. I mean my closet (like many others) is overflowing with great pieces so why is it I always seem to wear the exact same thing over and over again. Is it because I'm lazy (perhaps), do I just forget about my other clothes? I can't quite seem to figure it out, but every season I seem to get into a rotation of only six or seven different outfits. Sometimes, when I buy new clothes I wait until the right moment to debut them, I want everyone to notice and I want the day to be just right so I can make a great fashionable impression. Sometimes I even get nervous, like the first time I wore my leather skirt, I felt like I was taking a risk; what if someone makes fun of me, what if I look stupid, what if no one likes it.. However, all it takes is one or two compliments and your self-confidence is soaring, you feel like a supermodel and you end up having a fabulous day. How is it that a simple outfit can make you feel so good? One of my fellow fashionistas once said (or at least along the lines of) "as much as I'd like to say that this outfit I'm wearing was just thrown together without any thought at all, I must admit that I spent at least an hour putting it together." Why does it take us so long to pick out an outfit? Is it really that important what we wear? I mean who cares what everyone else thinks? Well, here is my theory: I don't think it matters what anyone else thinks (don't be fooled, I among most people still take other people's perceptions of me into consideration) but I think the reason we spend so much time choosing an outfit is to express ourselves. Our choice of clothing is how we communicate our attitude or feelings that day, we do this without any words at all. We are able to create our very own style and personality and all it takes is some fabric and accessories.  So, tomorrow think about how you're feeling: will you feel dark and gloomy or happy and bright? Take a second to look around at some of the people around you and think about their personalities, does their outfit relate to them? Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. Just remember, it's okay to wear sweatpants (not everyday..maybe once a week..month..never..) when you're tired, but more importantly it's okay to express yourself with your outfits because someone out there is going to appreciate your love of fashion and they will be wishing they had as good of fashion sense as you. It happens to me everyday, I decide to "bum it" and I see someone else wearing a casually cute, trendy outfit, and I wish I were them. Don't be afraid to admit it because you're not the only one. There are plenty of fashion lovers out there who will make sure you know you're wearing something worth complimenting.

p.s. I was feeling tired, happy, and caffeinated today (I decided to wear my "lumberjack flannel" with my Rolling Stones shirt and leggings-the flannel shirt was loose and covered my butt). (:

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