Mornings are gross

Today, I found myself face to face with a dilemma. As my phone's alarm was going off this morning at 5:45 I decided to get up and grab it, the alarm (as it does everyday) continued to go off in five to ten minute increments until 7:15. I finally forced myself to get out of bed at 6:53, abandoning all hope of a cute outfit. I felt terrible and all I wanted to do was climb back into my nice warm bed. The night before I had unintentionally stayed up completing my work (I happen to be somewhat of a procrastinator), of course I waited until Sunday night to start a huge project. Every Sunday I do the same thing, and I ask myself "why? why did you do this to yourself again?" It is a terrible thing to have to start your week off with a tired, sleep-deprived Monday morning. Especially when I do it week after week, you would think I'd have learned better by now. Anyways, before I went to bed last night I picked out a super trendy outfit consisting of leggings, a fishermen's sweater (covers my butt), black flats, and a cheetah print headband. Unfortunately, I barely had time to do my makeup this morning so the cute outfit had no chance of making an appearance. Instead, I opted for some running tights and a big red, acid washed, crew neck sweatshirt from the 70s..(it was my grandma's). I quickly threw my hair up and swiped on some mascara right as I was running out the door. Obviously running late, because what else would you expect? Ha, it's actually really bad. I feel like me constantly being late to everything is probably a huge contributor to my stress, I should really work on it more because it's a terrible habit to have. At least I have yoga to look forward to this Thursday night. (Oooohhhhmmmm) "deep breaths Madison, it's all going to be alright.." ha at least that's what I'm telling myself(; Hopefully tomorrow will be better, I'll be sure to report back and let you all know(;

p.s. all I want to do is wake up, drink some coffee, and watch the news, and relax- is that so much to ask?

all i want to see is the sun rise
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