just an ordinary day

Today was just an ordinary day. I sit here writing to you on my laptop as I listen to my "Sixpence None The Richer" Pandora radio, and I feel great. Anyways, not much to report except that apparently the majority of high school girls did not get my memo about the leggings as pants no no. We will have to spread the word and help everyone with their fashion choices from here on out. Okay, so my next "to do" for today's post is to motivate you to dress up and wear cute outfits during the week. Apparently it's a proven fact that you will actually have a better day if you look nice. And it doesn't hurt to look good(; I also want to share that I am making my summer goals for working out, I am going to try and do P90X for the next three months (starting tomorrow of course..ha). I think it is super important to feel healthy and good about yourself. It's all about building your self confidence. Oh and one more thing, can we please educate people on the importance of wearing clothes when it's negative temperatures outside, I actually saw people in shorts today, like what are you thinking..everyone should just be more like me and bundle up in their scarf and coat all day(: Who cares if you look like a very unattractive Eskimo. (I actually drove with my gloves on this morning-pretty sure that is not safe by the way...). Until tomorrow(:

p.s. my quotes for the day are from the songs I am currently listening to (I'm sure you will all be able to relate)
      1) "winter just wasn't my season"
      2) "I'm waiting on the sunshine, the sunshine"

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