how to stand out in a crowd of people

So the past few days I have been pretty busy and I've had a lot on my mind lately. On Thursday I had an all day event to go to and there were hundreds of people there. Everyone was "dressed for success" and I found myself thinking, "how do I make myself stand out in a crowd of people?". This isn't the first time I've wondered about such a thing. I mean that's what most people try to do right? They want to be noticed, they want to stand out and be the center of everyone's attention..right? Well here are my thoughts: I think that there are a couple of different types of people and if you think about it I'm sure some names will come to mind. Okay so there is the person who commands everyone's attention as soon as they walk in the room, these are the people who seem to be overflowing with confidence; the next group of people are the shy ones, they use their clothing and personality to draw attention to themselves and be noticed, the third group of people are the ones who are just quiet and nobody really gives them much attention but if you really look at them and think about it, they are absolutely flawless. Which one are you? Are you any of them? Well, I decided that in order to make yourself stand out in a crowd of people you have to find something that is unique to you (a talent or something) and use it to create a difference between you and others. Maybe its not the "standing out" that you need to worry about, but instead being memorable. Being memorable is something I think we should all remember. It's not about being crazy or gorgeous. All you have to do to stand out is be memorable. All it takes is making a few people and you're the one everyone's focusing on.


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