can you not

This week's "can you not" post is about wearing super tight shirts that don't fit you. Day after day I see girls wearing shirts that they are "popping" out of.. Either it's too tight on top (in which case you have some "overbearing cleavage," which no one is prepared to see) or it's too tight on the bottom and you have a nice fluffy muffin top poking out between your shirt and your pants. Now, there are two ways to solve this problem.. 1) wear a longer shirt, perhaps one that isn't so tight.. 2) buy a larger pair of pants, it's okay to wear pants that aren't suffocating your legs. That is my advice for today.. hope the word gets around that it is okay to wear clothes that are actually your size. Let's just say we have some serious work to do.. (:

p.s. I also want to share that I am anti-ruffles..just thought you should know..


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