All About the 70s

Hey guys so lately I feel like I've been having this obsession with the 70s. I'm all about the high waisted jeans and my retro floral tops. I love the hair and the clothes and I just can't get over it. This summer I had an obsession with vintage high waisted jeans and remaking them. They were wonderful and I literally have like 50 pairs (ridiculous..I know). Anyways I just wanted to share my inspiration for the week- vintage styles (my favorite by the way)



So today I want to talk about tights. There are so many different colors and patterns. I love the new fall trend of the brightly colored tights that people are wearing with cute dresses and skirts. It's very Blair Waldorf inspired or so says my fashionable friend(; anyways go out there and start wearing more tights. Make a statement and be a trendsetter for your community! You'd be surprised by just who may take notice...