Red Lips

Today I want to talk about Red Lips. We see this simple fashion accessory used all the time. From movie stars and fashion icons to your average girl on the street. Red Lips are a classic accessory used by many women to make them look powerful and strong.
Now is where I come to the road bump... how do I do red lips without making myself looking like a clown.. Well I am sure this is a very common problem among the average women wanting to keep up with the fashion trends (at least I hope so, I mean if I am the only one then this is kind of embar
rassing..but don't worry, I trust you to keep this little secret between us). Alright so here is the way to accomplish perfect red lips, first you must keep in mind that less is more. Now before applying the lipstick, I like to use my Chanel lip liner (this makes the lips look more finished and it also gives them a defined shape), then you outline your lips. Next, you take your favorite shade of red lipstick (I love MAC lipsticks) to color them in, and make sure you stay in the lines(;. Now you have your perfect red lips!

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