All About the 70s

Hey guys so lately I feel like I've been having this obsession with the 70s. I'm all about the high waisted jeans and my retro floral tops. I love the hair and the clothes and I just can't get over it. This summer I had an obsession with vintage high waisted jeans and remaking them. They were wonderful and I literally have like 50 pairs (ridiculous..I know). Anyways I just wanted to share my inspiration for the week- vintage styles (my favorite by the way)



So today I want to talk about tights. There are so many different colors and patterns. I love the new fall trend of the brightly colored tights that people are wearing with cute dresses and skirts. It's very Blair Waldorf inspired or so says my fashionable friend(; anyways go out there and start wearing more tights. Make a statement and be a trendsetter for your community! You'd be surprised by just who may take notice...

Red Lips

Today I want to talk about Red Lips. We see this simple fashion accessory used all the time. From movie stars and fashion icons to your average girl on the street. Red Lips are a classic accessory used by many women to make them look powerful and strong.
Now is where I come to the road bump... how do I do red lips without making myself looking like a clown.. Well I am sure this is a very common problem among the average women wanting to keep up with the fashion trends (at least I hope so, I mean if I am the only one then this is kind of embar
rassing..but don't worry, I trust you to keep this little secret between us). Alright so here is the way to accomplish perfect red lips, first you must keep in mind that less is more. Now before applying the lipstick, I like to use my Chanel lip liner (this makes the lips look more finished and it also gives them a defined shape), then you outline your lips. Next, you take your favorite shade of red lipstick (I love MAC lipsticks) to color them in, and make sure you stay in the lines(;. Now you have your perfect red lips!


Lets get crafty

Loving this quick and easy way to organize/ style your makeup brushes!


The daily crunch,d.aWc&psig=AFQjCNGE1LS17KTxBpGdAGwl7Lgv-lxkkA&ust=1375686678005515

Okay so here is our picture of the day. These are the fall 2013 trends for New York Fashion Week. This is my take on the whole fashion week thing: so wow this is all really cool and these clothes look so awesome on the models and gosh they are just so stylish and expensive looking. But wait a minute...I'm pretty sure I could never afford any of the clothes in this picture (and if I took enough time to save up the money they would no longer be in season..) and  I could definitely never see myself working up the courage to wear any of these items to work or school so I ask myself "why am I so intrigued by something I will probably never own and never be able to wear?" my answer to this very important question is...I don't know... But then again why strive for something that is not likely to happen (in this case owning high class couture clothing) when you can adapt these styles into your everyday fall outfits with pieces you already own. Ah Ha! Okay now that I have your attention, lets get into the juicy details. First on our list is Animal Prints, this look could be achieved merely by pairing your favorite pair of skinny jeans with your classic, chic black blouse; your cheetah print flats; and a chunky necklace- affordable, stylish, and up to par with the 2013 trends! Next we have Floral. A floral print dress at Target or H&M for about $20 would fit perfectly in this category and to spice things up a bit you could always pair it with a cute belt that you already own. Now it is time for my favorite category, Gold, alright so this one may be a little more tricky. Now assuming that you're like me and you only have so much money to spend on clothes each month, your wad of cash for this month's shopping may be going down sooner than you thought. An affordable way to accomplish this trend would be to buy some gold accessories; such as a gold bangle and a statement necklace. Now we are on to the Earthy trend, my opinion is that this trend is one of the easier ones to incorporate into your daily outfits. A simple outfit of a grey dress with some nude heels and curled hair would be perfect. So next is Fur...achieving the fur trend is a little harder than I would have imagined, however it is definitely achievable. For starters I would just like to let everyone know that I do love animals and I am not an animal killer so I would opt for the faux fur vest which you could wear with black pants. Finally we have Shoulders, (what is this the 80s? Ha) okay so one thing to remember when wearing a jacket with built-in shoulders is to make sure it flatters your body, the last thing you want to do is make yourself resemble a large, stocky man. Anyways, here is how you achieve this look; a sleek hairdo, black leggings, and a colorful jacket with your ever so lovely structured shoulders. I want you to know that whatever  you decide to do with these trends is your choice. Just remember that when you're wearing them make sure you're walking with confidence and rocking it like it's nobody's business.


my go to faves

clothes -high-waisted shorts (Levi's)
            -cropped yellow vintage top (60s)

shoes -Steve Madden Miidori Brown Riding Boots: Dillard's
         - vintage brown roping shoes: Grandma
         - brown TOMS
         - cheetah flats: Target
         - Vans
         - Steve Madden gold sandals: Dillard's

accessories- Swatch, white skin watch: Dillard's $110
                 - Anthropologie earrings: Anthropologie $20

hats- navy blue Polo Ralph Lauren hat: Polo outlet $10
      - white Nike hat: Nike outlet $20

face- Kiehl's Blue Herbal Gel Cleanser (face wash): Dillard's $20
       - Clairsonic: Dillard's $130
       - Cetaphil oil control moisturizer: Walmart $8
       - Purminerals Fulvic Mineral Mist: Dillard's $17

make-up- Purminerals blush: Dillard's
             - Maybelline dream liquid mousse foundation
             - Lancome Definicils mascara
             - Clinique Nude pallet eye shadow
             - Chanel white eye shadow

stores- Urban Outfitters
         - H&M
         - Dillard's
         - Nordstrom
         - Anthropologie
         - Thrift Stores
         - Banana Republic
         - Old Navy
         - Target

phone- Iphone with Kate Spade case

my idols- Audrey Hepburn
            - Carrie Bradshaw

my favorite bloggers- ManRepeller
                              - TheBlondeSalad



I am a lover of high class fashion at affordable prices. My true loves are vintage finds and classic clothing pieces and accessories that I can pair with anything. I enjoy crafting and sewing. I design my high-waisted shorts and I recycle and remake old pairs to fit my style. I will put up how-to steps on various make-up tips and easy ways to remake old clothes into vintage masterpieces. I am living life on a budget and that means I live for bargains and great thrift store finds. This is my lovely golden life.